CAOLI LA Refill Set

CAOLI LA Refill Set

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Contents : 50ml + 500ml

This refill set contains 50ml of CAOLI LA and 10 bottles (500ml) of mist.

CAOLILA is a refreshing and disinfecting spray that has been carefully blended by bartenders.

The citrusy mist from the nozzle will soothe you.

We want to bring a smile to the faces of as many people as possible, and to turn their daily disinfecting into a caring experience.

It was released under the supervision of Mr. Namba, owner of Roggenjitz Bar in Kobe, whose motto is "one standard higher".

Each fragrance has its own story.

We hope you will enjoy Namba's world view, which is based on the concept of "a journey to find a new fragrance".


Concept maker's comment

This product is not a medicine or a quasi-drug, but it can be used for hand disinfection.
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