Harumi Fine Craft YURAGI - W
Harumi Fine Craft YURAGI - W
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Harumi Fine Craft YURAGI - W

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This rocking chair is designed to suit the Asian lifestyle and body shape.

 The chair is made to order.

Please allow us some time for delivery.


Size: w610 x d760 x h630 (220)

Frame : Walnut Oak, please order from the bottom of the scroll.

Seat : Paper cord


 Please note that this product is made to order.

Please allow approximately 3 months for delivery.


Moriya Harumi by Moriya Harumi

Harumi Moriya graduated from Okayama Technical High School in 1981, and worked in various design jobs in Okayama and Tokyo. 1996 returned to Okayama, and in 1997 graduated from the woodwork course of a vocational training school, and started working as a furniture maker. 1998 won the Excellence Award at the Wooden Chair in Daily Life Exhibition. In 1999 he established his own furniture workshop, Harumi Fine Craft, and in 2010 he opened his own showroom and shop, Kurashiki Fint, in Higashi-machi, Kurashiki. Currently based in Kurashiki, he continues to work in various scenes of manufacturing, not limited to furniture, positioning everything between people and things as his work.

Producer: Harumi Moriya

We are now able to get convenient things easily and cheaply. However, in today's economy-first society, this has confused our sense of the value of things. Post-war manufacturing in Japan has long been dominated by manufacturers, driven by economic growth, and has been focused on stimulating consumption and making profits, rather than on what is really needed in everyday life. And consumers, we are told, have repeatedly consumed more than they need for reasons of convenience. Unfortunately, we have already realised that the pursuit of convenience and material wealth is not the only way to achieve a truly quality life. I believe that in a time of great economic and environmental problems, it is time to rethink the direction of our values of wealth and to restore the original relationship between people and things. I hope that my work can be a catalyst for this, and that it can contribute to society and people in some small way.
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