Harumi Fine Craft is a company

a design studio produced by designer Harumi Moriya, who established it to realize

design atelier.

Harumi Fine Craft's work is to create all kinds of things between people and things for their rich life.

is the work of Harumi Fine Craft.

In particular, we aim to achieve an ideal balance between beauty and ease of use, quality, quantity and price by producing and coordinating the sale of our chairs by the designer himself. These chairs are made not only in our own workshop, but also in collaboration with designers and makers all over the country, and have been recognized in national competitions. In 2010, we moved our showroom and shop to the Bikan area in Kurashiki, and we are actively holding exhibitions and seminars to convey the essence of wealth. Kurashiki Fint", a shop produced by Harumi Fine Craft, is located in the storehouse of Hashimaya, a kimono shop that has been in business for 150 years, and displays and sells original chairs and other daily necessities made by creators from all over Japan.
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